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Cross-Cultural Leadership

Term To Study: Summer 2022
Application Deadline: Oct 31, 2021
Program Starts: Jun 02, 2022
Program Ends: Jun 22, 2022
Program Category: One-Country
Program Type: Faculty-led
Program Fee: $4,925
Link 1: Payment Information Form
Program Locations: Maastricht
Contact Phone: (757) 594-8105
Contact Name: Dr. Brent Cusher And Dr. Qingyan Tian
Contact Email:
What is Included: Airfare, ground transportation, accommodations, international health insurance, and group activities

What is not Included: Tuition, travel insurance, meals and personal expenses. 

3 credits of tuition is:
$1,284 In-State Tuition & Fees
$2,841 Out-of-State Tuition & Fees

COVID-19 testing or quarantine (if applicable)
Program Description

Steps to Apply:
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Course Description: Old maps of a “flat” world show the area of origin as the center or middle of the Earth, illustrating the mindset of societal and cultural preeminence. Though it is clear that our cartography has become more accurate, do we still approach leadership with this mindset of cultural preeminence? How, by contrast, does one lead effectively across cultures in the globalized and globalizing world of the 21st century? The purpose of this course is to explore, experience, and understand the influences of globalization and societal culture on leadership and help students to develop leadership knowledge, skills, and an effective mindset for leading across the cultures. We will also harness a wonderful opportunity to ask the following questions: In which ways does globalization facilitate the global coronavirus pandemic through which we are currently living? How does each society we visit responds to the pandemic? In which ways does each country's responses reflect the cultural values of the society? What has been the impact of the pandemic on the individual countries of Europe, on the wider organization of Europe, on European Union? What are the implications to leadership?
Defining leadership as the process of leaders and followers acting together within a given context to achieve a common goal, the course explores how globalization, culture, and social values shape leadership behaviors on the individual, national, and global levels. This study abroad course operates with a particular focus on the nations of Western Europe (Latin European and Germanic European Cultural Clusters), including France, the Netherlands, Belgium, Luxembourg, and Switzerland. These diverse nations have experienced and responded to the imperatives from globalization, in particular, the coronavirus pandemic in different ways.Through personal observation and investigation of concepts, patterns, and issues that shape society and cultural values, students will learn the importance of society and culture to effective leadership in a global context and understand how to assess social structure and culture when making leadership decisions. Seeking to clarify the ways that world cultures are becoming both more different and more similar in the present day, this course focuses, in sum, on the impact of cultural differences to leadership.

Program and Trip Description: Students will be housed at Maastricht University, one of the top 100 universities worldwide. Maastricht is located in The Netherlands, the heart of western Europe, providing convenient access to each of the countries to be visited. The university will assist with trip planning, as well as providing guest lectures to augment CNU’s faculty.

Course Code: LDSP 330

**COVID-19 Notice**
Travel and Entry Requirements:
Each country has established entry requirements and travel restrictions set for foreign visitors and their citizens. The Study Abroad Office is monitoring the policies of many countries to advise students for study abroad. Any country can change their regulations at any time. We encourage all students and their families to monitor the situation in the location(s) to assess if they wish to continue with study abroad. To view the current COVID-19 response for a specific country, we recommend starting with the U.S. State Department ( and the U.S. Embassy COVID-19 webpage for the country or countries of interest.

Vaccination Requirement: Christopher Newport University requires students to have the COVID-19 vaccination. The Study Abroad Office will assume each student has been vaccinated when advising, so students must tell the office staff if they are not vaccinated. Many countries have opened their borders to vaccinated travelers with continued levels of on the ground preventative measures (masking, distancing, etc.). An unvaccinated student may be able to travel, but there could be additional testing requirements, quarantine time during arrival, and/or there may be restrictions to certain group activities. In some cases, an unvaccinated student may not be permitted to enter a country. There is a cost for testing, quarantine time, and/or early arrival for quarantine, which may differ by location. Any costs associated with traveling as an unvaccinated person will be an out of pocket expense for the student. Christopher Newport University will not cover the costs associated with these expenses.

**Passport Notice**
Application & Renewal: The U.S. State Department is backlogged with passport application and renewals. The routine processing time is currently up to 18 weeks and expedited services is up to 12 weeks. We highly recommend apply or renewing your passport as soon as possible. Most countries require at least 6 months remaining time on your passport expiration from your intended date of departure. Example: If your passport expires December 1, 2022, you would need to renew your passport to travel in the summer 2022.

Quick Facts

Population: 16730632
Capital: Amsterdam
Per-capita GDP: $ 42700
Size: 41543 km2
Time Zone: (GMT + 01:00 hour) Brussels, Copenhagen, Madrid, Paris

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Travel Warning: YES
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