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Financing your Study Abroad

"Financial Planning for Study Abroad" 
Because the cost of Study Abroad may (or may not) be more than your cost of attending CNU, you should create a financial plan early on in your study abroad application process.   The costs involved in an academic budget include, but are not limited to:
  • Tuition and fees
  • Room and Board
  • Books and supplies
  • International transportation necessary to get from home to school
Thus, it is critical that students “read the fine print” in promotions about Study Abroad programs and understand “What is Included” and “What is NOT Included” in an advertised program price. It is often the case that what is not listed in a program price can change the semester expenses significantly. Be sure to know what costs are commonly incurred during a Study Abroad program and ask specific questions of the program sponsor if the program budget items are not listed on the website or printed materials for a specific program.
"Financial Aid and Study Abroad"
Your financial aid (except for Work Study) can be used toward any CNU-approved study abroad program.  This includes grants, scholarships, loans and other forms of aid.  In order to use financial aid, you will work closely with both the Office of Study Abroad and the Office of Financial Aid to determine your eligibility.
Because the cost of study abroad programs is frequently higher than the cost of attending Christopher Newport, our office can increase your cost of attendance to help make additional funds, especially loan funds, available. However, some students may find that federal and state financial aid is insufficient to cover all of the costs associated with their semester abroad. Students may wish to consider an alternative loan to help fill the gap between financial aid and their costs.
If you plan to study abroad over the summer, you have more than likely exhausted your federal and state financial aid for the academic year during the fall/spring semesters. Students participating in a summer abroad program may seek additional funds through the federal Parent PLUS and/or private education loan programs.
"What Steps Should I Take?"
All students planning to participate in a study abroad program should first contact the Office of Study Abroad and plan to attend a study abroad information session to learn more about funding options to finance your program. During your information session, the Office of Study Abroad will give you an application and a financial aid request form if you are planning to participate in an external, non-Christopher Newport led program. If participating in an external program, you must submit a completed financial aid request form and course approval form to the Office of Financial Aid before any aid will be disbursed.
NOTE: Students who wish to use their PLP or Honors Study Abroad Scholarship must submit a scholarship application to the Office of Financial Aid by the program application deadline.
"How Will My Financial Aid be Disbursed?"
All financial aid will be disbursed to the student billing account just the same as if you were attending a regular semester at Christopher Newport. Disbursements begin each semester after you have begun your program and your eligibility has been confirmed. Students participating in an external program should plan accordingly. In most cases, the study abroad expenses for an external program must be paid in advance of receiving a financial aid disbursement. When aid is disbursed to the student account, you will be issued a refund in excess of any charges due. You must be sure to select a method of refund with the Office of Student Accounts prior to traveling abroad.
"CNU's Bank Mobile" 
Some students may choose Non-CNU programs for their semester abroad experiences.  You will pay them directly for the cost of the abroad experience.  CNU partners with BankMobile to handle the distribution of refunds and reimbursements to students.  All refunds from the Business Office to students are now processes through BankMobile.  Your financial aid will be disbursed to you via electronic deposit into the designated bank account you authorize. You will then have access to your funds and are responsible for paying your program fees directly.
Christopher Newport University Study Abroad Office